The Story Behind Double pom

When we realized that our kids’ sports teams needed more playful, practical, and well-made accessories, we started DOUBLE POM to introduce pom-pom socks to a new generation.

Our signature socks are each adorned with two poms—instead of one—for extra color, style, and spirit. Want your poms to represent your favorite teams or favorite colors?  We can do that.

We’ve always wanted to work together, and here we are.  Thanks for joining us in recognizing and celebrating the joy that comes from connection and play. More Pom, More Play!

Gretchen, Mary, and Laura playing dress-up in Minneapolis, circa 1978.

gretchen moore

Co-Founder and Youngest Sister

Gretchen’s professional experience includes demand planning, sales, and design. She graduated from the University of Minnesota and lives in the Twin Cities. She enjoys running, shopping, and a good fountain Coke.

mary looney

Co-Founder and Middle Sister

Mary's work experience includes agency-side branding, advertising, and public relations. She graduated from Washington & Lee University and lives in Nashville, where she plays tennis and mahjong, and takes barre class as often as she can.  

Laura austrian

Co-Founder and Oldest Sister

Laura worked as a buyer for Tiffany & Co., J. Crew, and Bloomingdale’s. She graduated from Wellesley College and earned a graduate degree from the Columbia Journalism School. She loves fashion and wants to learn to knit.